Training for Mayors


When you think about it, what training is there for Mayors and does it matter if all they have to do is open the occasional fete and not lose the Mayoral gold chain?

Well, in the US, the answer is a very big yes because over there, Mayors are more than just figureheads to wheel out for the camera and actually control how their city changes & grows which is probably why one of their most auguste colleges – Harvard no less – has started a program to do exactly what it says in the title; train Mayors for high office.

As experience tells us that what the US does on Monday, we tend to do on Friday (if the committee is free to decide of course) then it’s worth looking more closely. But maybe we should start with admissions and decide who’s up the entry level standards in the first place.

By way of a salutary note though, I wonder if some high profile people like Boris, Ken & Saddiq would have passed? And what does their future look like?

More seriously, it highlights the need for constant evaluation of people and what is being asked of them and it’s a truth for organisations as much as public office. It is easy to over–promote and even easier to spot when they’re not up to the job. What’s less easy is taking responsibility and being prepared to do the tough thing to make it right. Or, if you’re the person who was passed over in the promotion, managing your feelings of grievance can be a job in itself. Fortunately, Fortune magazine have this advice on what NOT to do.

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