Death by power pointing

Office life

We all know the expression when applied to slide technology and boring speakers but in this context, I mean it in relation to motivating employees. Is there anything less motivating that someone trying (too hard) to err… motivate you? 

Especially after a long weekend off. You’re back in the office, the sun is shining outside like it didn’t over the weekend and staff are revolting (either actually or emotionally). They’re got a mountain of work to catch up on instead being outside catching some rays and your job is to motivate them to want to do theirs even better than they have been doing already. Hmm not easy is it? So I was delighted to find this article by Matt Straz which offers 4 ways to use technology to motivate employees – and pay rises are not involved. Perfect! Definitely a key feature in the big debate about the future of work in a few weeks time.

Finding creative strategies to motivate employees isn’t easy. Sure, employers can keep their employees engaged and motivated with benefits like free lunches, unlimited PTO and company-hosted social events, but for employers looking for something a little less conventional, try embracing more tech in the workplace.

Here are four ways technology can help managers boost engagement and create a motivated workforce:

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