Adding value is the key to event success

Slide1If you heard that a shopkeeper had been advised by an Accountant to save money by switching off the lights and keeping the door closed, we’d all agree that was stupid advice wouldn’t we? Or would we?

For some people, they see the only way to survive an economic downturn in business is to do exactly that; save by cutting. In Corporate life, the Events budget is often the first to be cut, then Marketing, then Sales then….the tea lady’s job isn’t looking too good is it?

But is it really the right way forward? When you pick a plumber, a supermarket or any other professional service do you go for the one with a buzz of conversation & excitement about it – from both its customers & staff – or the one where you can hear the sound of tumbleweed blowing through? You may baulk at Digby Jones’ cry of Spend,, Spend, Spend but this article explains why it’s adding value that saves your budget not cutting corners.

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